1 You know for sure that your transportation will be comfortable

See photos of my roomy minivan below. Most cars in Brazil are small by American and European standards. Don’t get stuck in a tiny uncomfortable vehicle.

2 You know for sure that I am fluent in English

Listen to me on the video below. Only a tiny minority of Brazilians are fluent in English. You will find me as easy to communicate with as your next door neighbor. I am sure you will be surprised how well I understand all of your idiomatic expressions.

3 You know for sure I am reliable

You can take have comfort from the fact that I am recommended as a tour guide by Lonely Planet and French travel guide Petit Futé. Besides I have featured on a documentary for French TV France 3 in which I served as the tour guide for the television film crew and reporter. I have also served as a tour guide for a National Geographic author in Rio de Janeiro.

4 You know for sure that I will do my job diligently

You can read the unsolicited reviews that I have received from my clients.

5 You know for sure I am licensed guide

See a copy of my license issued by the Brazilian Ministry of Tourism below:


Extra reasons to hire me:

I am Brazilian and lived in Rio for most of my life

I am educated, well-read, lived abroad and travelled extensively on several continents

I live in Copacabana so your hotel is only a few minutes from my front door – and the port is not much further.