There are 3 main ways to visit the interesting sites of Rio:

1- You can use public transport or taxis and try your luck in this 6-million people city.

2 – You can purchase a private or a bus tour at your hotel

Hotel-booked private tours:

Tour guides’ qualifications and their vehicles vary dramaticly even at high end hotels (some are not even tour guides)

Hotel-booked bus tours:

On a van or on a bus you can end up in a group of up to 50 people. Usually you go from hotel to hotel until everybody is in. Keep in mind, that these tours always move as fast as the slowest person in the group!

3 – You can do your own research about your prospective guide now and book a private tour by knowing in advance your guide’s reputation as well as in which car you go.

Which one would you prefer?

If you prefer a reputable private tour guide then you can count on me. With me, you can do more in less time and experience Rio as few tourists do: with a knowledble local!

Don’t go any further, just drop me an e-mail to check availability. Once booked, I will be waiting for you for your private, safe and comfortable tour of Rio.