At the beginning of the tour I generally spend a moment talking about your interests and objectives. As we spend the day together, I never want my presentation to overload my clients with details and trivia that are not of interest. I tailor my presentation to your feedback. We can discuss Rio in great depth, or just have fun. It is your call.

Likewise, where we go in the city is tailored to your interests. Some clients are very focused on seeing the Rio’s best known sites. Others, want to go more off the beaten path and see some of the secluded beaches that make Rio truly special or take a visit to the shop of less well known, but talented, artisans. Certainly your visit to Rio will be shaped by your eating experiences….our lunch stop can be a highlight as well. Many clients enjoy seeing the floats being readied for the upcoming Carnival parade.

The beauty of a private tour is that your time in Rio is spent efficiently and it is developed in every way possible to maximize your experience.